If you are seeking reliable legal advice regarding the provisions and practice of Cyprus law, G Mintis Legal Solutions will perfectly serve your purposes. Acting on behalf of international organizations and international companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs in the international business community, G Mintis Legal Solutions offers all-round legal advice with special expertise in

  • Corporate Law
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As Cyprus reinforces its role within the European Union, often acting as the gateway to Europe, access to up-to-date legal advice on personal status as well as corporate enterprises on the island, within the EU framework, is not only essential but extremely valuable for both individuals and companies.

Featured Services

Immigration Law

As the appeal of Cyprus as a second home continues to grow, visitors from East and West consider acquiring residents’ status on the island. G Mintis Law Firm’s experience and good relations with the relevant authorities can facilitate the process and relieve non-EU citizens of the burden of paperwork and formalities. For details regarding applicable [...]

Corporate Law

The number of international or multinational companies seeking to establish headquarters or branches in Cyprus is growing, thanks to various incentives and regulations that have been formulated to attract foreign investment to the island. G Mintis Law Firm provides the required and often complex legal support that will help the global business community take advantage [...]

Property Law

For many years, G Mintis Law Firm in Cyprus has been serving a broad-based clientele of prospective buyers and investors who are tempted by the persuasive variety of properties available on the island for joint ventures, investments and personal residencies. The choice is exhaustive, and includes everything from land, hotels, and commercial properties, to extravagant [...]